Our mission is to be an inspiration to others to make random and selfless acts of kindness

It’s all about giving

So we decided to create the kindness rock project, finding our inspiration in mandalas, they represent balance, for the hindu and Buddhist symbolism it represents the universe, for us it means the start of a chain of acts of kindness, that grows and evolves.


The beauty about rocks is how different they are, If you look close to our mandalas you’ll see that they are not perfect as they normally should be, our mandalas adapt to the forms, the uniqueness of the stones, as a reminder of how different we are from each other, every size, color and shape makes us unique and special, so at the end it feels like we are painting beautiful people with our kind actions

it all starts with a painted rock…

… That you might find in your path

It will make you smile, reminding you how special you are and hopefully it will spark another random act of kindness for someone else. 



#Kindness Rock

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