Understanding our role as leaders and the power of inspiration.


Bond lake public school in collaboration with an organization called Kindness Rock, designed and implemented a kindness campaign for our community, after understanding the main purpose of it, we had to coordinate this project with students from kindergarten to grade 8. This activity truly shows how anything can be accomplished with teamwork, the grade eights demonstrated true leadership in working together with the school. Our students understood the purpose of this campaign and why we needed it in our community. We took time off of our classes and remembered our schedules to take on this leadership role across the school. As leaders, we use this opportunity to inspire other kids, to understand the objective of the project and in a short amount of time we had over 500 students excited to create their rocks and to be part of this community work.

From this event I’ve realized the true importance of hard work and I know know that if I have to opportunity to inspire others in any way I will be inspired by kindness rock to take action!