Every time a kid finds one of our rocks and someone explains the kindnessrock project to them, they want in… right away!


They want to paint, they want to share, they want to make someone feel as special as the way they felt when they found their rock, they want to be part of the complicity of secretly making someone happy, what could be better than that?! Walking the talk…

For those youngsters who want to participate in this project, we have a few ideas we wanted to share with you to create your rock(s), including painting hearts, we absolutely love hearts!

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What you will need for your kindnessrock:

Acrylic paint.
and a Cause!

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Your cause

This probably will be the most important thing about your rocks, you get to pick a cause, a dream, a message to send to the world. We will shout it out with you! A few examples we have heard: “I want to save the turtles”, “I love my family”, “more kindness to the world”, “don’t litter”…

Whatever it is, we will make a special place for your cause and your painted hearts.

Here’s how it works: when someone finds your rock, they will go on our website or our social media pages and will be able to find the post with your rock and your cause. This will be our way to help you spread your message!

When you finish painting your rock, and your hearts, and you’ve decided on your cause, you can choose to write your message on the back of your rock. For example: ‘love one another’. If there’s room, you can also add for example: ‘handmade with a purpose, to spread kindness’. The message is entirely up to you. We suggest including ‘connect via #kindnessrocks or kindnessrock.org’, just to keep people connected to this positive initiative.

When your rock is finished, take photos and send it to us to kindnessrockproject@gmail.com or tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook. Be sure to include a short message telling us about your own experience in finding one of our rocks, and/or your cause, and we will include it on the post!


Painting hearts