Keswick, CANADA

“We decided that our school, since our focus was on kindness this year, we could bring what we’ve learned out into the community.”

– Lakeside Public School

“We have learned that a little bit of kindness goes a long way. It feels good to do something for someone who has no idea or no expectation. Even though it might take only a little effort on our part, the kind gesture can have a real impact on people. We want to touch people even if they don’t have kids who go to our school. Hopefully when they find our rock, they will feel part of our school community.” – a grade 6 student –

The students of Lakeside painted two rocks; one was the lightening bolt rock that would be delivered to people in the community.

The other rock we were able to do anything we wanted on it. We wanted to leave an inspirational message that would speak to people. These rocks would be ones that would go in our rock garden at our school. Kids in grade 4 and up got to paint two rocks like us, and the younger kids just painted the lightning rocks.

Yes, we are young and sometimes adults believe we are not paying attention or that we are not listening, but we are. We get tired of hearing of problems and complaints, we understand they exist and they are there, for real; but the truth is we don’t want to hear more bad news, we want to hear about good news… so we decided to make one good news for our community to talk about, and be happy.