We believe that we can make a difference in our community, but with the help of everyone….


There are two different kinds of rocks that our entire school painted. The first one is a ripple rock and this is the one that you received. The students of Bond Lake P.S loved painting the various shades of blues creating a ripple, and this is for the kindness we hope to spread. We chose blue because it represents our school and how we hope that you will help us to be a part of the ripple effect. The message you find on the back of your ripple rock (kindness is contagious spread the word, small waves of kindness become big waves of change, become part of the ripple effect, kindness spreads like waves on a lake, It all starts with a single rock) is to remind you that we are all special and different in our own way and we should try and do something nice for someone to get others to understand how unique you are and how special our community is. We really enjoyed painting this rock as it will hopefully bring our community together.

The second rock we painted was the message rock. If you come by our school, you will find a sign. The sign will explain to you to why we are doing this and what our purpose for this project is. You are welcome to pick up a rock if you really like it as they are for you. Take it home with you as a daily reminder to make sure you are someone who helps form small waves of kindness in becoming big waves of change. Meaning to help grow the kindness in our community and hopefully take it to other communities as well. We loved creating these rocks as we believe that they will make you and others happy.

We believe that we can make a difference in our community, but with the help of everyone in our community. Without everyone we will not be able to show others the beauty that we can bring within this neighborhood. We need to prove that humans can be selfless and can really care. Join us today to help change this society that we have created.