It’s a program designed to connect schools with their respective communities through the performance of acts of kindness, calling for school leaders to influence and inspire others into collaborating for a greater good

Have you come across one of these rocks?

Check the story behind them.

“We would like to connect with our neighbours, greet them in the morning, some of us have been running into each other for years and we don’t say hi. We are Bond Lake school and we would like to greet you and invite you to our kindness rock garden.

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We decided that our school, since our focus was on kindness this year, could bring what we’ve learned out into the community. –
Lakeside P.S

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Kindergarden student placing a kindness rock around their neighbourhood.

Learn the benefits of this program for your school comunity.

This is a wide school project designed to incentive leaders and to review the gaps in our community and connect with a message design by your school, to make a positive impact within their social environment.

“ Testimonial from a school Principal about the benefits of the Kindnessrock Program for their own community,“

Kim Smith – Principal