Did you find a Kindness Rock? Tell us your story. The best part of our project is to connect with our finders

I was on the beach in Killbear provincial park and found one in a tree!



I found this rock, and it means a lot for me! I was looking for some spiritual support and there was my beautiful rock!


United States

The giant smiles our daughter had when they find these rocks was awesome and even more when I read here that they can keep it !!

Thank you for your kindness, it’s always nice to know there are people still paying it forward in life.



We lost my husband and my children’s father in December to cancer. My daughter began painting rocks for her own enjoyment a year ago. We decided that at her father’s memorial service in April, we would like people to take part in the kindness rocks project, by painting their own rocks and leaving them places for someone to find and smile.



randomly found this in the streets in Paris ❤️ made my day @kindnessrock #kindnessrock… thank you for doing such an amazing thing. I’m still smiling about it



Kylee found this beautiful kindness rock at Canada’s wonderland yesterday!!! Such a positive message!! #kindnessrock

Robyn Frost


Wow, you made my morning.

Thank you

We try hard to keep the place I found the rock for those around us to enjoy.

What a differance a beautiful thought can do.

Enjoy your day.



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