We are a community that have a tendency to include each other… But we are not as connected as we were.


In this day and age, technology has taken over. We disconnect from life because we feel as if being social through our devices is enough. We tend to forget that most of what we say to each other is communicated by body language, tone of voice and expression. This is why we decided to start this project. We were inspired by people that go out of their way, just to help a complete stranger and show acts of kindness and compassion. Bond Lake wanted to display similar acts by painting “Kindness Rocks”, and handing them out to random people as a way of inspiring them to do the same, creating a “Ripple Effect.” We wanted people to know that someone cares about them, whether it was helping them carry groceries or just a smile, they will still feel better and cared for. We as a school believe, that if more people show kindness towards others, then our community will be a more inclusive and caring group. If someone were to get a rock and pass it on, the receiver will feel the need to continue that specific act of kindness. We want our message to be spread by you. Every little thing counts.